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We have the following products available for retail sale: Please inquire with any member of our customer service team for more information or assistance with purchase. All of these products make fabulous anytime gifts!

WaterPik Ultra Personal Water Jet: 



NEW!  Waterpik is the only brand of water jet proven to be an effective alternative to flossing for removing plaque and reversing gingivitis.  93% more effective than flossing. Removes bacteria between teeth and below the gumline. Comes with 6 tips, including an ortho tip. The design is compact and has water pressure settings from 10 to 90 psi. THis product is a staff FAVORITE at Dr. Finn's! We absolutely cannot live without this product!! Amazing! You have to try it, but once you do, you'll be hooked!

WaterPik Ultra Cordless Water Jet  (Travel): 

Like it's namesake above, the Ultra Cordless a fabulous water jet. This cordless model is lightweight and easy to use, great for travel! For those of you, like us, who are addicted to using our Waterpiks, now you don't have to travel without your waterpik..small enough to throw in the toiletry bag. At 35-70 psi, enough water pressure to remove food and bacteria between the teeth and below the gumline where flossing cannot reach. Rechargeable and comes with 4 tips. Fabulous!

Nite White Mini-Kit Refill Whitener/Brighteners

We offer the mini kit for retail sale so you can keep that newly whitened smile bright and dazzling! Only for use with patients that have previously whitened and have custom whitening trays. Nite White with ACP provides unparalleled sensitivity management, enhanced whitening, and the ACP formula is clinically proven to remineralize teeth while also whitening them.  Nite White rebuilds tooth enamel making teeth stronger and less susceptible to caries. The mini kit provides enough whitening for 9 DUAL arch applications.  We only sell the 22% formula and this should be worn for 1 hour, once or twice a day for optimal results.

Zoom Whitening Pens

NEW!  The Zoom pen is a new way for our patients to keep their smiles bright and white..while on the go! Not to be used as a stand alone whitening product. The Zoom pen is for use by patients who have recently whitened. It is easy to use. The click-pen applicator pen brushes 5.25% hydrogen peroxide formula directly onto the teeth. Just brush and go! The pen has enough formula for 30  on-the-go applications and there are 2 pens in each kit! This is a fun product. Small enough to keep in your pocket or purse. Wonderful gift idea or holiday stocking stuffer!

Oral-B Hummingbird

Now flossing is easier and less messy. Just a push of the button and the hummingbird starts to gently vibrate. Designed to reach between your teeth and below your gum line to remove plaque. Reaches places your toothbrush cannot. Your teeth and gums will feel cleaner and fresher from day one! Great for kids...who never seem to remember to floss! Great for the whole family. Battery powered.

Discus Breath RX product line

Discus Breath RX products are the same Breath management products we use in the hygiene operatory.  We carry a variety of Breath RX products for your oral hygiene care.  Breath RX addresses breath malodor at its source for a all day fresh breath feeling. Discus Breath RX is America's #1 dentist-dispensed breath care system. We carry the following in our office for retail sale: Breath RX mint and gums ( same gum that is available in our gumball machine at our front desk), Breath RX mouthrinses with Zytex, Breath RX secret weapon, that neutralizes any residual odor, Breath RX toothpaste-we carry both the enhanced whitening and sensitivity pastes,  and breath sprays.

Oral-B Pulsar Toothbrushes

 Pulsar is the only manual toothbrush with revolutionary Micropulse bristles that independently pivot back and forth to penetrate deep between teeth, and gently pulse to lift up food and plaque while also stimulating the gums. Additionally, Pulsar has a pressure-sensitive split head that adjusts tot he contours of your teeth to help clean the hard to reach places. Pulsar provides an outstanding clean and effective sensory experience. Clinically proven to out perform all manual and battery brushes. Brush with Pulsar as you would with any manual brush. Just throw away when power fails to perform. Another staff favorite!

                                                                                           Phillips Sonicare Electric Toothbrushes

Sonicare patented sonic technology creates dynamic cleaning action that drives fluid forces deep into interproximal spaces and along the gum line. This innovative sonic technology is proven to be powerfully effective, yet remarkably gentle, resulting in a superior clean that Dr Finn can see and our patients can feel.  sonicare toothbrushes are clinically proven to deliver powerful results, yet is remarkably gentle and are backed  by more than 175 abstracts representing clinical and laboratory studies at over 50 universities and research institutions worldwide. Available in several models, from the basic Flex care Platinum to the beautiful ,sleek, black sexy diamond clean model with sonic technology and travel case with USB charging port. All models are fabulous and Dr Finn and our dental team are huge fans of ALL sonicare brushes!




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