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What is the secret to a sexy smile.....?


Your smile is important. It is one of the first things you notice when you meet someone. Not only does a whiter, brighter smile make you feel better about yourself, it also makes a memorable impression. The quickest way to a power smile is an  in-office whitening procedure.  Dr. Finn is proud to offer the revolutionary brand new "ZOOM ADVANCED POWER" Whitening system that brightens and whitens your teeth in just one hour.  Utilizing a full-mouth whitening lamp combined with a PH enhanced 25% hydrogen peroxide light activated gel, your teeth are whitened on the average of 6-10 shades in one hour. Zoom Advanced Power is safe, effective and fast, very fast. Zoom whitening is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results. The convenience of an in-office whitening treatment compared to days of wearing trays and more gradual whitening results, makes this the perfect choice for the busy individual or the person desiring immediate brightening, like perhaps the new bride or groom, or the person interviewing for a new job!  Zoom Advanced Power has recently undergone substantial improvements and has replaced the older Zoom 2 technology. This product is more powerful and effective than ever before, produced by Discus Dental, the leader and pioneer of whitening products. The proprietary light technology and light activated gel have been scientifically designed to work together for the fastest in-office whitening ever!

How does ZOOM ADVANCED POWER compare to NiteWhite tray whitening?

You should know that both products will brighten your teeth to the same fabulous whiteness, if the protocol for use is strictly followed. The benefits to choosing ZOOM ADVANCED POWER are:

  • fast and convenient, only 1 hour
  • long lasting
  • low sensitivity
  • proven to be safe and effective
  • performed by a dentist

NiteWhite will takes 7-10 days of wearing trays (custom made by Dr. Finn) for 1 hour a day. The most common problem with NiteWhite users is compliance. They forget to do it everyday or stop after a few days, yielding incomplete and inconsistent results. NiteWhite users may also experience sensitivity from the gel, resulting in interruption of the 7-10 day protocol or they may stop the whitening all together. However, when used properly ,NiteWhite will yield the same whiteness and brightness as Zoom Advanced Power, both are excellent products, but time and administration vary greatly!  Compare ZOOM ADVANCED POWER to other whitening  products below!


> 1 hr
  • Immediate results
  • Long lasting
  • Less fading
  • Safe & comfortable
  • Performed by a dentist
Take Home Trays
7-14 Days
6 Shades
  • Self-applied
  • Trays
  • No immediate results
  • People forget to use it!
Whitening Strips/
Paint on Gel
7-30 Days
3-4 Shades
  • Self-applied
  • Inconsistent tooth whitening
  • No immediate results
  • People forget to use it!
1 Month +
1-2 Shades
  • Self-applied
  • Results fade if you stop using the toothpaste
  • No immediate results
  • Affects superficial stains only


Teeth Stains Due to Aging Successful Bleaching

How long does it last?

Zoom whitening whiteness should last from 1 to 5 years,depending on the personal habits of the patient, such as smoking, drinking red wine, coffee, and tea. If a change occurs after this time, you may choose to get a touch up kit,available for retail purchase from any member of our customer service team!

Is it safe and are there any side effects?

Several recent studies, have proven whitening to be safe and effective. The American Dental Association has granted its seal of approval. The only known side effects may be external gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. These will resolve post treatment.

Will it hurt and are there any side effects?

Some people will experience increased tooth sensitivity to cold during and after completion of treatment. The temporary sensitivity can be minimal or non-existent for some and a bit more heightened for others, generally it is like an ice-cream sensitivity. We will give you plenty of advice  and a flouride gel to minimize this temporary sensitivity.

What are realistic expectations for whitening?

Noone can predict how much lighter your teeth will become, every case is quite different. The success depends largely on your age, the type of staining you present with and your compliance. An average of 8 shades is the norm for Zoom whitening results,but wil vary from patient to patient. But, your teeth will always be whiter than they were before the Zoom treatment.  The whitening process is effective on most disclored teeth, however, darker stains, like those caused from anti-biotics are more difficult to whiten. We recommend the use of take-home gel and trays for use at home once or twice a year to keep your Zoom smile award winning! is this different from over the counter products?

Is this different than over-the-counter products?

Yes! Consulting with your dental professional is always the first step to whitening your teeth safely.There is a HUGE difference between the products offered and available at the drug store and the Zoom and Nite White products we offer. The strength of the whitening agent in our products is 22% for NiteWhite and 25% for Zoom, these professional strengths are ONLY available from a licensed dentist. Plus, using the formulas available in the drugstores can take months to whiten your teeth only a couple of shades. Only a dentist can achieve these unbelievable results,this fast!

Does it work on fillings, crowns, veneers etc?

Zoom and NiteWhite are designed to work on vital tooth enamel and wil not lighten fillings, crowns, or veneers. There is much that can be done once you whiten to enhance your smile! Please consult with Dr. Finn to find out more.

A final thought of assurance.

Zoom Advanced Power whitening is an extremely well-established procedure in cosmetic dentistry. The PH enhanced hydrogen peroxide used in Zoom has been safely used for many years in dentistry. Not recommended for children under the age of 13 and for anyone who is pregnant. To learn more about Zoom ADVANCED POWER click here or here Zoom or call our office to book a ZOOM ADVANCED POWER appointment today! You are on your way to a more beautiful YOU!




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