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What is the secret to a sexy smile....?

Nite White is your answer to a more brilliant smile in 7-10 days. It is easy, convenient, and provides excellent whitening results and is available at Dr. Finn's office today!

Nite White 22% with ACP is the first and only take-home whitener to combine the amorphous calcium phosphate, potassium nitrate, and flouride to provide unparalleled sensitivity management and enhanced whitening results. Nite White  has been clinically proven to remineralize teeth while also whitening them. Nite White rebuilds tooth enamel, making teeth stronger and less susceptible to caries. Better yet, Nite White has been clinically proven to be better than any other product on the market. We have kits available for our patients in the 22% carbamide peroxide formula, the strongest on the market. This high strength whitening formula is designed to be worn 1 hour a day, rather than over night as its name implies. But rest assured, should you wear it longer than recommended, there will be no ill side effects, for the formula is designed to stop working automatically at a natural set point. Nite White, in most cases, and with compliance to consistent and regular recommended wear times, will bring you from dull to dazzling in just 10 days. Your friends and family will be wanting the same brilliance for themselves!

It is quick and easy! Come in for a visit with Dr. Finn and a member of his dental team will take impressions for custom trays, which will be delivered the same day. You will go home with  your dual-barreled kit, instructions for use and be on your way to a new you! There may be some associated sensitivity to the whitening gel, this will dissipate usually within 24 hours. Continue with your whitening protocol, for compliance is the key to whitening success!

Please note, that compliance is extremely important with take-home whitening procedures. Application of gel in tray and tray wear times must be adhered to so that optimal results will be achieved. Wearing the trays for 10 days is the advised protocol. Results will vary if compliance is incomplete.

We cannot guarantee the shade improvement you will obtain in any whitening procedure.  The success rate is related to genetics, type of staining, and your compliance with use and application.

Nite White is safe and effective! Excellent results are just a smile away! Call our office today to schedule an appointment for your NiteWhite procedure...your first step to a whiter, brighter tomorrow!



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