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NTI-TSS(nociceptive trigeminal inhibition tension suppression system) is an occlusal device used by Dr. Finn to treat TMD and associated symptoms. The new FDA approved NTI device is designed to protect the teeth from further wear. Nightguards are designed to keep the teeth from touching, resulting in reduced grinding at night which allows the muscles to relax and rest. The NTI is worn only at night, except in severe cases where the patient may need to wear it all day. It is much easier to wear than the traditional nightguard. It is custom fit and is worn only over your two front teeth, thus preventing the posterior teeth to not touch at all. This alignment supresses clenching by over ninty percent, giving the jaw muscles a rest. Also because the teeth are out of contact no bruxing occurs. The NTI is a small, plastic, removable appliance which makes clenching virtually impossible and after a few days or weeks, your clenching reflex is suppressed. Morning headache pain, neck pain, sore jaw, migraine pain and other pains associated with bruxing will begin to resolve and soon disappear. Let us know if you may need assistance with treating TMD symptoms you may be experiencing.


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